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Supportive Care For Aged

& Disabled Individuals

What is a Referral Registry?

Our referral registry pre-qualifies caregiver candidates, whom the consumer hires directly for a referral fee. Consumers make decisions directly with the caregiver, including compensation and duties. Therefore no registry  interface is necessary unless needed. Our independent caregivers provide all levels  personal care.

Handy Upscale Angels Home Care Registry minimize the consumer's costs while maximizing our worker's income, by outsourcing jobs to independent Contractors who are under contract with our registry.

Independent Contractors utilize their own acquired knowledge and trained skills to complete assigned jobs, and provide their own transportation. Our workers provide professional service's, as requested by our customers, at a reasonable cost.

Our Registry is fully insured and bonded. We register Independent Caregivers and train them using the state approved training by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. We only accept private pay client, veterans benefits, as well as benefits for long term care insurance. All caregivers are screen and liability insured. 

Why choose our referral Registry 

Handy Upscale Angels are committed to the ongoing relationships between our service providers and our customers. Once we will find you the perfect match our registry will withdraw, and your arrangement will be between you and the independent contractor. 

However, rest assured, Handy Upscale Angels will always be available to you in the event you become unhappy with your worker, or if you need a temporary replacement if your contractor is unavailable. Our agency conducts security, consistency, flexibility, Savings, and convenience. 

Our knowledgeable Referral Specialists are available to assist you 24/7 days a week. Our superior customer service set us apart from from other agencies, providing you with honesty and integrity.

Mission And Vision

Handy Upscale Angels is a client-centered and family focused licensed referral registry. Our mission are to provide our consumer's with a peace of mind, provide comfort, prolong independence, and promise integrity. We wish your loved ones to live as independently as possible, having independence leads to a greater feeling of self respect in our clients. 

We care about you

Our consumers decide which Independent contractor they are happy with, you also set your own schedule. In doing so, this will allow our clients and caregiver the freedom needed to keep cost at a low affordable rate.

Connect with us for your free complimentary assessment

We will learn all we need to know about your loved one and come up with a care plan together. Let our professionals help you keep everything simple and smoothly as possible. 

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